Illustration for Mensa Bulletin September Fiction Issue
Illustration for short story by David G. Wonnell about an Elvis impersonator who has an unexpected development ("The Carnie," Published in Mensa Bulletin's September 2016 Fiction Issue)
Hail Channing Tatum
A commemorative painting to celebrate Channing Tatum's unwavering commitment to his craft. Here he is depicted as Susie Callahan, charming friend of Sara without an H (Jimmy Fallon) on infotainment segment, "Ew!"
The Hand that Wields the Crook
The invisible hand wields the crook, and even the most prying investigation may never reveal the body to which the hand belongs.
The Chosen Ones
Why you? Why me? Why not?
Tribute to Donovan's Reef
Here's to you, Donovan's Reef.
July Massacre
Your favorite summer beverage… with a morbid twist.
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